Below you will find answers to some common questions about vaginal hygiene and discomforts. If you have a question that is not answered below, or if you’d just like to know more, please call the Bio-Fem Careline on 0800 096 0094 or send an email to virginie@biofem.co.uk.

Is washing with soap suitable for women who suffer from malodorous discharge?
This will often worsen the situation because soap is alkaline. Washing with just water is sufficient for hygiene of the area. Bio-Fem Actigel will improve the acidity of the vagina and as it is gel based, it will stay in place.
Is there a relationship between nutrition and yeast infection (Candida)?
Yes. Yeast feeds on cell sugar (glycogen) and the amount present is influenced by nutrition and what we eat. A low sugar and low dairy diet is advisable during yeast infections of for people who are susceptible to them.
I frequently get a bladder infection after sexual intercourse. What is the reason and what can I do?
Sexual intercourse (especially unprotected) disturbs the balance of the vaginal bacteria and can result in an overgrowth of coccoid bacteria. These can travel up into the urethra and into the bladder where they can cause infection. Bio-Fem Actigel will help to restore vaginal acidity.
I am pregnant and suffer from Candida infections. What should I do?
You should see you doctor who will select an anti-Candida medication, which can be used during pregnancy. For people suffering from symptoms such as itching, Bio-Fem Actigel will help to provide relief. It is completely safe to use during pregnancy.
Is it possible that a hot climate causes more vaginal complaints?
In principle yes, especially yeast infections, which occur more frequently in tropical climates. This is because sweating causes bacteria to spread easily.
Why do I suffer most from vaginal complaints, especially yeast infections, in the second half of my menstrual cycle?
This is because during the second half of the menstrual cycle, progesterone stimulates the storage of cell sugar (glycogen). Yeast thrives on glycogen and this worsens the complaint.